Our Signature projects

Super Singer

Music reality show that has identified and spotlighted the most-sought after play back singers we listen to, today.

Cook with Comali

A laughter riot packaged in a cookery show that has entertainers and talents who make the content worth remembering across seasons.

Mr & Mrs Chinnathirai

A carnival of most sought-after television artists who are almost treated like family members in every household through their serials come together to display their talents and engage the viewers.

MM originals

Soon after venturing into Independent music following the global scene, we were well received by every fan from all of our shows, every viewer, every audience and their families and friends , our artists fam, their fan base, their well wishers, every struggling musician who dreams of a life-changing break, his fam, his fans and their eco system and the list goes on.. who looked forward to each release of ours. We realised we could empower a whole fraternity of dreamers by giving them a platform to highlight their capabilities so they can chase their dreams from thereon.