Actor Devadharshni

I'm Devadarshini, an actor. I have worked in the film industry for more than 26 years and have been associated with various production houses. My work experience with Media Masons has always been an amazing one. I have worked with them in many projects over 15 years now. I have always found Media Masons at their creative best and they never compromise on quality. A very reliable production house, quite resourceful, and they deliver the best quality on time. I have amazed at how they handle live shows that go directly on air, with absolutely no chaos. As an actor, something that bonds me to Media Masons is how they treat and respect their talents. And I've also seen how the staff bond like one big family, the credit goes to Ravoofa and Pratima. I would definitely recommend Media Masons to anybody looking for quality, reliability, resourcefulness, creativity and professionalism in a production house.

Singer Diwakar

Super Singer, as you all know is not just a Musical Reality Show, it is much beyond that. Media Masons is a life changing and path breaking brand for many aspiring singers. To me, they are too special because it paved me the way and took me from NO WHERE to EVERY WHERE by providing the most needed, most wanted and the most suitable platform to showcase my musical skills and talent and reach where ever I am now. For this, I am eternally indebted to the immensely talented teams of Vijay Television, Media Masons especially to Ravoofa Ma'am, the respected legendary judges and each and every member of the creative team of Super Singer. The bonding we all share as a team is more like a Family and will forever be the same with more exciting and path breaking musical events. We shall always remain musically connected - With Love & Gratitude, yours

Singer Srinisha

For me Super Singer is a life-changing platform. It is a blessing for me to be a part of this amazing team. I thank the Media Masons team for being such magic in my career. What I'm today is all because of them. Thank you so much Media Masons for elevating the life of so many artists like me.

Singer Rakshitha

'Media Masons' has been standing tall in recognizing budding talents, and fuelling encouragement & motivation in them, and heliping them shape their future with pouring in lots of love and support. The entire team of Media Masons is like family to me, and I'm so glad to be associated with this amazing team for over a decade now. 'Super Singer' (one of the feathers in their cap) as a platform has been truly life changing for me. Many of my dreams started turning into reality, during and after the show. I'll forever be graceful:)

Singer Roshini

When I had to take a break from a promising music career as a playback singer, when I had to move away from all contacts and travel out of India, when out of sight was out of mind literally and people started forgetting me as a singer, when those many years produced many other talents and I found myself clueless how I would blend in, I came back to the country for good and Media Masons identified me, Rest in history. I am now not just a popular singer who they relaunched through their show Super Singer, but an extended family member in many homes who follow the show Mr and Mrs Chinnathirai which was a great platform for me and my husband Jack to explore many talents that we thought we never had. The visibility Artists get out of Media Mason shows is incomparable to any other company in the industry. I draw a lot of inspiration from Ravoofa Mam who has helped us chase our dreams to reach the stars and I am blessed to be part of their fraternity.

Singer Sreekanth

I was introduced to Media Masons through Super Singer, which has been on space that has guided me to amazing new places, both externally and internally. From then, being part of many productions and witnessing their work, it's amazing how much relentless & passionate effort goes behind every single work, irrespective of the scale, also guiding every person part of it in their own explorative journey! Plus, how a technical team turns into family is something that amuses me still.

Singer Nithyasree

I am humbled to call myself a well-rounded performing artist today who is breaking barriers by singing in mulitple languages, building a like minded community of a large number of music lover across different platforms on social media, accruing many laurels and exploring different form of music without any boundaries. But, in retrospection, I have vivid memories of the show Super Singer and my two lovely mentors then and now the founders of Media Masons, Ravoofa mam and Pratima mam. They highlighted my skills and encouraged me to challenge myself at those infinited possibilities they belived I was capable of executing. It didn't stop with participating in Super Singer more than a decade ago, they also motivated me to compete at National level shows and explore the 'Anchor' in me for their cookery show and MM originals up until recently. I am grateful for the opportunities they extended to me during my initial days to be perform in front of legends and judges which boosted my confidence and helped me identify the Independent artist in me today. Truly indebted.

Actor Myna Nandhini

Peoply used to know me as Myna all these years and I carried a baggage from baggage from my past life that left a deep scar in me. Thanks to Media Mason, through their shows they not only helped me build a reputation for myself but healed my old reputation and boosted my self-image. Now we are known as the Celebrity Couple MynaYogi and so many families all over the world watch us in the show and wish great things for us .. the vibe that the whole team gives is extemely positive and I truly enjoy working with them.. Media Masons identified and anchor in me and helped me explore different roles as an artist. Most importantly, my dream to step into big screen has taken off from their show and I have been receiving multiple offers from movies after working with Media Masons. Truly grateful for the visibility they have given us.

Singer Anand Aravindakshan

Super Singer is a stage that transformed my life and gave me the confidence to pursue my passion as a career. I owe a lifetime of gratitude to Media Masons, the brains behind this show and many other shows that identify talents and sculpt them to be the best version of themselves, for extending their support to me not just during the my season but throughout. I dedicate all my acheivements specifically to Ravoofa Mam for being a God mother and a guiding light in helping me take the right decisions at every stage till date. One trait about Media Masons is that they never forget their family which is us. In every possible opportunity the contestants are included and our acheivements are spotlighted to the world. As much as we take pride being a part of all their shows and opportunities, they take pride like parents in showcasing our potential globally, time and again. This stage is magic and it will always be my home. I'm still recognized as the contestant who won the title in Super Singer 6 years back more than a playback singer who has sung many songs for films. I proudly cherish that lineage and identity, and owe it all to Media Masons.

Actor Kani

My life has a before and after phase and my life changes was the show Cook with Comali produced by Media Masons, an extended family I consider close to my heart. More than a production house, they make you feel like family and the aura create is very positive and encouraging. I wish them all the very best and will always cherish every memory they have given me, every platform that spotlighted my skills and grateful to carry this world-wide popularity as a Title Winner of one of the most celebrated content cum humour based cooker show from their